Here are a few testimonials from guys who have applied all that they have learned from this site:


“I discovered the protocol some years ago following an adverse drug reaction that left me with a host of problems sexually, mentally and physically.  I needed something that would holistically re-balance my system and am so grateful to CD for providing the information clearly and concisely to follow. As I have healed, it has given me more energy and well-being than I had prior to my health issues and has led to it becoming a lifestyle choice to follow rather than a means to the end.  It has helped me to get from a horrible place where I struggled to function daily to earning money from playing sport again, and helped every facet of my life. The protocol was initially a life-saver, and now it is something I would not want to live without.”

Steven W.-


“Before finding this site, I was a mess.  Life had just gotten in the way.  Three kids, a wife and a very stressful full time job and I had really let myself go.  Recently it had all come to a head as I had been failing between the sheets if you know what I mean.  After reading through the site I had realized why I was having the issues I was having.  After jumping in with both feet and committing 100%, after a few short months, I am now a completely different man!  I feel great everyday and let’s just say, the wife is very happy as well!  Thank you so much for putting this information together.  To call this a lifesaver would be an understatement!”

John S.-


“Here’s my story:

2012-2013: using finasteride
January 2014: quit finasteride because of lowered libido, had extremely high libido for a few weeks, then I crashed

PFS symptoms: zero libido (none at all), numb genitals, shrunken genitals, depression

2014: trudging along in life with all these pfs problems, really had no idea what was going on
2015-2016: started the cdnuts/boost your lot T protocol. 

First did a four week juice feast and then started on a paleo diet with the supplements. Then I added in T boosting herbs, usually 10-12 of them which I rotated daily. I started carb backloading at the same time I started the T boosters. Then I started doing DHT prohormone cycles followed by PCT. In the middle of 2016 I started adding coffee in to my routine and my recovery really started ramping up. My depression that I had some days basically disappeared instantly at this time! I was feeling happier, more motivated, more social. I was doing better at work and in my personal relationships. I was so excited that the protocol was starting to work for me. I still had zero libido and numb genitals but I kept on the protocol because I new it could take time to heal.

At the end of 2016 I started researching around and I found that many PSSD sufferers had the exact same specific symptoms as me: zero libido and numb genitals. And I found that many PSSD sufferers recovered using a natural herb, licorice root. I knew I had PFS and not PSSD since I had never taken SSRI’s but the symptoms these guys were describing were very similar to mine. I did a lot of research on the safety profile of the herb and then finally decided to add it to the cdnuts/boost your low T protocol. I started out just trying it on the weekends to see how I would react. I tried it one Saturday and felt kind of bad and I stopped taking it the next day. On Tuesday of that week I had what seemed like a miracle to me. The numbness down there went away for like 10-12 hours. I was shocked as I hadn’t felt that in years! The next weekend I took the herb on Saturday and Sunday. Sure enough on Wednesday of that week the numbness started to go away and this time I could feel an actual libido! Once again I hadn’t felt something like that in years! It was like something had switched on in my brain and it lasted about 36 hours.

So I continued playing around with this on the weekend and after a few weeks the numbness was pretty much gone and stopped coming back. I worked up to taking 1/4 teaspoon of 4:1 licorice root extract powder dissolved in a mug of hot water three times a day on Saturday and Sunday. I kept taking my T boosters and kept on my paleo diet with carb backloading. Kept working out and focusing on maintaining a positive mindset. And every time in the middle of the week I would get a raging libido again like I was a teenager! Once I had worked up to this dosage, my libido started to stay at a higher level each week. It would increase in the middle of the week, then it would fall down a bit but it stopped falling back down to how I felt during my pfs years. I started feeling like a normal human being for once! Things stopped swinging between superhuman sex starved teenager libido and complete eunuch zero libido. It just stayed at a consistent level through the week and It actually stopped mattering when I took the herb. I wouldn’t feel any change. 

One weekend arrived and I just never took the licorice root extract again and I’ve been living life ever since then. I stick to my diet and workout routine during the week but I’m back to beer and pizza with the guys on the weekend .

I’m so happy to say that the cdnuts protocol really works. It took me over two years and there wasn’t a lot of progress in the beginning. But I hit a major upswing in the middle where my depression really seemed to get better. And then right around 2-2.5 years I finally got my libido back.

I think keeping faith in God really helped me along the way too.

It’s really true that once you start making progress with sexual sides, it’s like you make a big improvement, then you have a set back, then more improvement, and so on, until everything levels out.

Best of luck everyone!!!”