Maral Root

Maral Root – Anabolic Activity Leads to Increased Lean Muscle Mass and Improved Work Capacity

Maral root is known by a number of names like Rhaponticum carthamoides, Leuzea carthamoides and Stemmacantha carthamoides. It grows wildly in Siberia and is cultivated in different areas of Russia and Eastern Europe.

The name Maral root comes from the maral deer who feed on it. Specifically the males would fight each other during mating season, then dig out the roots and eat them to restore strength. Local people noticed this and used the root themselves historically for the following purposes:

  • Recovery from fatigue*
  • Help impotence*
  • Recovery from various illnesses*
  • Increasing sexual potency*
  • Improving mild depression*
  • Increase memory*
  • Increase work capacity*
  • Adaptogenic properties*
  • Anabolic properties*

It’s been Prescribed to Russian Athletes to Aid in Recovery from Hard Training*

Many people have heard of the Chinese Olympic athletes in swimming and track that won many medals and their use of Cordyceps. But that wasn’t all they used. Also included were Rhodiola, Eleuthero and Maral Root.

Some people report feeling a “lift-off” effect that is helpful in getting the momentum going for work projects or working out when on maral root.*

It appears to have anabolic effects allowing the body to put on more lean muscle mass, which has made Rhaponticum carthamoides supplements popular in some bodybuilding circles.*

Maral root contains a number of antioxidants, flavonoids and natural plant sterols. One substance is called 20-Hydroxycdysone which increases protein synthesis at the cellular level, which leads to increases in muscular tissue. Having a whole plant extract of maral root is important. Several studies showed isolation of this compound to be less effective in a number of experiments.*

Maral root also contains ecdysterones, a hormone normally found in insects and crustaceans. Not normally found in humans, this component has been shown to have many physiological effects and may be at least partially responsible for its anabolic activity.*

More Maral Root Benefits

It’s only recently been recognized by Western science and begun to be studied. A look at the current research, mostly done in Russia and surrounding areas, unveils the following:

  • Increased Protein Synthesis*
  • Increased Work Capacity and Recovery by Athletes*
  • Increased Muscle Mass*
  • Stress Reducing Effects*
  • Improvement in Overall Oxygen Transport Capacity of Blood*
  • Increased Red and White Blood Cell Count*
  • Immune System Modulation*
  • Inhibits Nuclear Factor kappa B (NFkB)*
  • Anti Cancerous, Microbial, Fungal and Parasitic*
  • Antioxidant Activity Suppressing Oxidative Burst and Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS)*
  • Significantly Modulate Cellular Activities and Regulation of DNA Replication*
  • Improved Hyperglycemia*
  • Cardioprotective Effects and Anti-Arrhythmic*
  • Antiplatelet activity*
  • Memory improvement*

Contraindications and Side Effects

Maral root may increase the risk of bleeding so beware when taking drugs or other supplements that thin the blood.

As maral root is not heavily researched, side effects and contraindications may occur, with it interacting with other supplements and drugs with similar effects in unknown ways. This includes anabolics, antibacterials, anti cacogenics, antidepressants, antifungals, antioxidants, antiulcer, ant-anxiety, cardiovascular, erectile dysfunction, immune system, hormonal, weight loss herbs and supplements and more.

It is unknown whether the use of maral root will show up on any drug screens or tests, or be banned from sports in the future like Deer Antler. (If you find out either way please let us know.)

Maral Root Dosage

This is not a raw root powder, nor a tincture form, of maral root, but a 20:1 hot water extract, making this potent stuff. For this reason its taste and appearance may be different than other Rhaponticum carthamoides supplements out there.

Recommended starting dose is 1-2 teaspoons daily.

Our maral root extract has a slight caramel-like flavor and is better tasting then many of the other herbs. It mixes fairly well into any liquid.

 Maral Root