Schisandra – An All in One Tonic, The Five Flavor Berry Contains All Three Treasures, Nurtures the 5 Elements and Enters All 12 Meridians

Schisandra berries, often also spelled schizandra and known in China as Wu Wei Zi, are known as the five flavor fruit. It combines all five flavors, salty, sweet, sour, pungent and bitter in one food which is like nothing else on the planet. Just that alone will showcase the magical properties of this herb.

We’re happy to announce the highest quality, organic and USA grown Schisandra available on the market. Compare American grown to most Chinese Schisandra…

American Schisandra vs Chinese Schisandra

As a top anti-aging herb in Chinese medicine, Schisandra chinensis is said to enter into every meridian channel in the body, once again a quite unique claim to fame, and work on the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

* Anti-Neuroinflammatory*
* Antioxidant (Increases SOD)*
* Detox the Liver (Supports both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Detoxification)*
* Supports Concentration and Memory*
* Increases Alertness*
* Reduces Stress and Exhaustion*
* Improves Night Vision*
* Slightly Calming*
* Renown Beauty Herb Used by Many Women*
* Supports Sexual Function*

A polysaccharide in schisandra, SCPP11, has been shown to have immunomodulating properties.[7]*

Highest Quality Schizandra Available…at a Low Price

The schizandra is grown on an organic farm in Massachusetts, USA. Once fresh they’re immediately processed and stored in a way to preserve that freshness.

This powder is processed in a special way that keeps it’s natural color, energetic signatures, and unique tastes. Most Schisandra available on the market is heavily oxidized. While it may still be good, it doesn’t contain all the power that Schisandra can deliver.

Schizandra berries

Take the 100 Day Schisandra Challenge

Ron Teeguarden, a premiere tonic herbalist in the West, said that when he first was introduced to the herbs his teacher recommended him to take Schisandra for 100 days straight without fail to transform your life. Schizandra was the favorite herb of Sung Jin Park.

Pick up four bags to have more than enough for a minimum dose for one hundred days. One bag contains 30 quarter teaspoon doses (roughly 1 gram each).

Simply take 1/4 teaspoon mixed in water or other liquids  for 100 days and notice all the wonderful benefits this single herb can bring. (Note: It doesn’t require 100 days of consumption to get the benefits.)

For more intensive dosage use one-quarter to one-half a teaspoon twice a day.

With this powerful concentrate, taking six pounds of berries to create one pound of the powder, you can taste all the five flavors.


Schisandra is not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding, or for children. It is also recommend avoiding taking Schisandra when you have the common cold or flu, because of its astringent properties, in holding moisture in the body.

Schisandra can be combined with any other herbs.