January 19, 2022
Stag Swag!!!

Well gentleman, here we go…..my very first blog post for TMO!  It’s been a long time coming.  Thanks for sticking around and hopefully enjoying the memes thus far, but now it’s time to start getting into the purpose of this site.  Your MASCULINITY.

Hopefully you’ve at least gone through and skimmed the material inside as it is simply life changing for most men in their current situation.  Even if you apply half of what is recommended here, you’re going to notice a VAST difference in your manhood.

As you can tell there are many “spokes” to this wheel of male health, one of them being natural hormone boosting herbs.  They are actually a cornerstone to this program.

Today I’m writing about one concoction of herbs that is SUPER powerful, and honestly, should only be used once, twice a week tops.  The reason being is that is has several different herbs in it, so to avoid tolerance, you’re going to want to use it sparingly.  I don’t even have this one listed on my site because I don’t want it to be abused.

I’m talking about Stag Swag.  This powerful potion contains SIX high quality herbs that when crafted together, creates one hell of a hormonal punch.  The magic comes from:

Deer Antler

Pine Pollen


He Shou Wu

Wild Yam

And Pearl Powder.

Now each of these on their own are powerful in their own right, together, well, together they become an intense hormonal boost unrivaled by any other natural supplement.

The main ingredient, which is Deer Antler (hence the name, Stag, swag) is the velvet which is harvested humanely from deer that are going through rut.  Rut is when male deer have a huge spike in testosterone causing their antlers to grow and then they become aggressive and fight, and mate.  Before the antlers are “hard” antlers, they are covered in what is known as “velvet.”  Once the antlers reach their potential size,(which is based on the age of the animal) The soft velvety tissue  is scraped off by the deer onto trees so that they can harden and by used to fight other males.  Most people don’t know that the antlers fall off and grow back every year.  The velvet is just the soft skin surrounding the growing antlers.

This velvet is LOADED with testosterone and other male hormones which effect humans very positively.  Combine it with the other herbs in the mixture, and you’re going to have a hormonal experience like no other.

I just warn you…..this stuff is good.  Almost too good.  Please limit use to once a week tops.  Twice is doable, but pushing it.

That being said these products always work best when we are living our healthiest lives.

So there we go, the very first post is short and sweet and to the point.  Let me know how you guys like this stuff because it is in limited quality and not around often.  Hit me up on facebook with any questions and let me know what you think!

In health,


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