Albizia – A Powerful Shen Tonic That Annihilates Stress, Lifts Anxious and Depressed Thinking, And Helps You Sleep Like A Baby*

Known In Chinese Medicine As The “Tree Of Happiness” For Its Calming and Mood Regulating Effects*

Finally, we are very excited to introduce a new powerful Shen tonic to Lost Empire Herb’s line of products. Say hello to Albizia.

This wild grown, wildcrafted Albizia julibrissin comes from the clean forests of Hubei, Sichuan in China.

Albizia has a two-thousand-year-old reputation for its mood regulating and calming effects that help you relax fast.*

In China, they say that the Albizia bark helps to anchor the spirit, while the flowers lighten it. Our extract has both! And that is why it is known as the “Tree of Happiness.”

It has been used by ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine schools for thousands of years. The earliest documentation of Albizia found to date is from the 2nd century, in the Shen Nong Ben Cao (The Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica).

Recently, preliminary studies on albizia have shown its use as a powerful sedative, anxiety-relieving, and neurodegenerative protecting herb, that even helps with sleep!* Continue reading for more info on that…

Albizia Flowers

Albizia Replenishes Your Shen

“Shen is the spark of divinity within each human being. It is the spiritual radiance of a human being and is the ultimate and most refined level of energetics in the universe.”
Ron Teeguarden, Radiant Health

If you’re looking for an herb to help reawaken your zest for life, look no further. Albizia is a powerful Shen tonic that can do the job.

Weak Shen will lead to a person that is ruled by emotions. They may be angry, sad, depressed, jealous, or filled with worry and anxiety. It is likely that they’ll be driven by the lower needs of food, sex, security, etc. in excessive ways rather than moving onto higher needs and keeping balance.

Often our Shen is taken off balance when we experience high levels of stress, pain, strong negative emotions or trauma.

Another aspect of weak Shen would be the disconnected person. Those that are overly robotic or skeptical and those without any spiritual practice (which can take many different forms).

A person with healthy Shen will be a balanced person, mentally and emotionally. They’ll be well situated to be successful in what they do, regardless of what that is.

Low shen is associated with stress and negative emotions, which affect your health, immune system and mess with your hormones.

Stress itself is a common cause of low T or other hormone disruption… which is why our Shen is so critical to maintain – especially for men and women who want to be vital.

Albizia helps do just that by regulating your mood with its fast-acting calming effects.* It’s especially useful to use when you’re stressed, under pressure, anxious, feeling angry, frustrated or afraid.*

An Incredible, Safe Alternative To Antidepressants

We all get “down” sometimes. That’s just life.

However, with the pharmaceutical industry being so prevalent, it can be very easy to simply reach for a pill to feel happy. “Just pop an [Insert your favorite brand here].”

But to what consequence?

Antidepressants are notorious for their negative side effects. How can we be so arrogant to think the complexity of the human body-mind can be solved with a single chemical needed to feel happy? We can’t. And much of the “science” that created these drugs came from the 50’s!

So why not find a natural and holistic alternative instead?


Albizia, especially wild grown and wildcrafted like the one we source, has been used for thousands of years as a natural mood regulator and sedative.*

Finally, modern studies have started to back up albizia’s relaxing, sedative and mood-lifting effects.1*

It does this by blocking the specific receptors (5-TH1A) that induce anxiety and depression in the brain2 … thus allowing your mind to relax and think clearly.*

Albizia is like the opposite of caffeine. Caffeine blocks the receptors that make you relax so that you can GO and feel energized.

Albizia instead, blocks the receptors that make you stressed, giving a calming effect so that you can let go and relax more.*

The best part? Unlike caffeine or drugs, little to no adverse side effects were found with albizia.3*

One of the compounds found inside, (-)-syringaresnol-4-O-β-d-apiofuranosyl-(1→2)-β-d-glucopyranoside, thankfully with a short acronym, SAG, is being investigated for its role in releasing anxiety.4* Another group, the julibrosides, are also being investigated for these mood changing effects.5*

While there are no human studies at this point, this preliminary research is pointing strongly in the direction of the historical use. The great news is that you can quickly feel the calming effects yourself when you take it.

Wake Up Energized After Sleeping Like a Log

Albizia helps your mind and body relax (so it can let go of endless worrying thoughts). When that happens, you can fall asleep more easily.

When you’re relaxed and sedated, your subconscious can get to work on problems that are too big or complex for your conscious mind to comprehend.

This is why sleep (especially DEEP sleep) is so important. As you sleep deeply and go through REM cycles, your mind does a lot of processing and problem solving (whether you’re conscious of it or not).

Deep sleep is the KEY to waking up energized the next day.


Not only has albizia shown to have sedative effects, but it’s also been found to be an incredible herb for sleep, like with insomnia.2,6*

Plus, it has been shown to reduce pain, which also can be an important factor involved. If you can’t get comfortable it can be really hard to sleep soundly.7*

Thus, if you have trouble sleeping, or entering deep REM cycles, then Albizia will really help you out with that.

Albizia Is Filled With Antioxidants Which Keeps Your Mind Sharp And Protects It From Aging


Not only waking up energized, ready to tackle the day after a refreshing night’s sleep… but now you can think clearly despite an aging body.

Albizia has been found to have powerful antioxidant properties (antioxidants fight off free radicals, those destructive cells that accelerate aging) that work specifically in the amygdala*.1

Why is this important?

That’s because the amygdala’s primary role is in processing memory, making decisions and emotional reactions.

So albizia’s antioxidant properties fight off free radicals that cause havoc on these important parts of your brain.1*

This is extremely important, especially as one ages.

How To Take Albizia

Albizia extract powder

Our albizia comes in a powdered form, made from a 10:1 hot water extraction. It is manufactured from the bark and flowers of Albizia julibrissin as has been done in Chinese medicine for millennia. (Note, that many other species of Albizia are used interchangeably for their herbal effects, but we chose to go with the traditional one.)

The great part about it is that it tastes nice! It has a sweet and slightly bitter taste and combines very well with other herbs, especially those that don’t taste so good.

Taking Albizia is very simple…

  1. For maintenance, simply mix half a tablespoon with water and drink in the morning.
  2. For stronger stress relief, or help with feelings of anxiety or depression, mix 1-3 tablespoons with water or any liquid and consume twice a day.
  3. For assistance with sleep, take right before bed.

Many people will be able to notice the calming effects right away. Still, best effects are likely to come with consistent use over time.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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