Here are a few testimonials from guys who have applied all that they have learned from this site:


From the UK

“I discovered the protocol some years ago following an adverse drug reaction that left me with a host of problems sexually, mentally and physically.  I needed something that would holistically re-balance my system and am so grateful to CD for providing the information clearly and concisely to follow. As I have healed, it has given me more energy and well-being than I had prior to my health issues and has led to it becoming a lifestyle choice to follow rather than a means to the end.  It has helped me to get from a horrible place where I struggled to function daily to earning money from playing sport again, and helped every facet of my life. The protocol was initially a life-saver, and now it is something I would not want to live without.”

Steven W.-

Some where in the USA


“Before finding this site, I was a mess.  Life had just gotten in the way.  Three kids, a wife and a very stressful full time job and I had really let myself go.  Recently it had all come to a head as I had been failing between the sheets if you know what I mean.  After reading through the site I had realized why I was having the issues I was having.  After jumping in with both feet and committing 100%, after a few short months, I am now a completely different man!  I feel great everyday and let’s just say, the wife is very happy as well!  Thank you so much for putting this information together.  To call this a lifesaver would be an understatement!”

John S.-


“Here’s my story:

2012-2013: using finasteride
January 2014: quit finasteride because of lowered libido, had extremely high libido for a few weeks, then I crashed

PFS symptoms: zero libido (none at all), numb genitals, shrunken genitals, depression

2014: trudging along in life with all these pfs problems, really had no idea what was going on
2015-2016: started the cdnuts/boost your lot T protocol. 

First did a four week juice feast and then started on a paleo diet with the supplements. Then I added in T boosting herbs, usually 10-12 of them which I rotated daily. I started carb backloading at the same time I started the T boosters. Then I started doing DHT prohormone cycles followed by PCT. In the middle of 2016 I started adding coffee in to my routine and my recovery really started ramping up. My depression that I had some days basically disappeared instantly at this time! I was feeling happier, more motivated, more social. I was doing better at work and in my personal relationships. I was so excited that the protocol was starting to work for me. I still had zero libido and numb genitals but I kept on the protocol because I new it could take time to heal.

At the end of 2016 I started researching around and I found that many PSSD sufferers had the exact same specific symptoms as me: zero libido and numb genitals. And I found that many PSSD sufferers recovered using a natural herb, licorice root. I knew I had PFS and not PSSD since I had never taken SSRI’s but the symptoms these guys were describing were very similar to mine. I did a lot of research on the safety profile of the herb and then finally decided to add it to the cdnuts/boost your low T protocol. I started out just trying it on the weekends to see how I would react. I tried it one Saturday and felt kind of bad and I stopped taking it the next day. On Tuesday of that week I had what seemed like a miracle to me. The numbness down there went away for like 10-12 hours. I was shocked as I hadn’t felt that in years! The next weekend I took the herb on Saturday and Sunday. Sure enough on Wednesday of that week the numbness started to go away and this time I could feel an actual libido! Once again I hadn’t felt something like that in years! It was like something had switched on in my brain and it lasted about 36 hours.

So I continued playing around with this on the weekend and after a few weeks the numbness was pretty much gone and stopped coming back. I worked up to taking 1/4 teaspoon of 4:1 licorice root extract powder dissolved in a mug of hot water three times a day on Saturday and Sunday. I kept taking my T boosters and kept on my paleo diet with carb backloading. Kept working out and focusing on maintaining a positive mindset. And every time in the middle of the week I would get a raging libido again like I was a teenager! Once I had worked up to this dosage, my libido started to stay at a higher level each week. It would increase in the middle of the week, then it would fall down a bit but it stopped falling back down to how I felt during my pfs years. I started feeling like a normal human being for once! Things stopped swinging between superhuman sex starved teenager libido and complete eunuch zero libido. It just stayed at a consistent level through the week and It actually stopped mattering when I took the herb. I wouldn’t feel any change. 

One weekend arrived and I just never took the licorice root extract again and I’ve been living life ever since then. I stick to my diet and workout routine during the week but I’m back to beer and pizza with the guys on the weekend .

I’m so happy to say that the cdnuts protocol really works. It took me over two years and there wasn’t a lot of progress in the beginning. But I hit a major upswing in the middle where my depression really seemed to get better. And then right around 2-2.5 years I finally got my libido back.

I think keeping faith in God really helped me along the way too.

It’s really true that once you start making progress with sexual sides, it’s like you make a big improvement, then you have a set back, then more improvement, and so on, until everything levels out.

Best of luck everyone!!!”



Total Male Optimization “You are amazing!!”

Kevin [email protected] via ascender.websitewelcome.com 

Mon, Jan 28, 4:28 PM (9 days ago)
to me
From: Kevin <[email protected]>
Subject: You are amazing!!

Message Body:
Hey mate,

I’ve been living a total nightmare since 3 years because of Propecia and PFS. I almost lost everything (my own biz, my longtime girlfriend, and my life) but I fought super hard and worked on myself a lot, trying everything : Yoga, lots of meditation, lots of gym (which I’ve always been doing), lots of acupuncture, reiki, sleeping enough, eating good food, hypnosis, and it all helped but too slowly and it didnt stop my crazy creepling anxiety and depression that started when I PFS-crashed (fainting followed by panick attacks every 2 days, massive depression, brain fog, total cognitive impairement, sleeping 16 hours a day, a freakin nightmare that evenmade me become suicidal for a week at 26 years old). I litterally went from a super successful young guy, ultra confident (an real alpha male), running my own successful business to a 150 years old totally brain and body fucked person, scared to even go to restaurant because of an internal, unexplainable feeling of total terror, 24/7/365 during more than 2 years. I discovered your program a few months ago and applied it right away. It is doing miracles and I feel I’ll soon be MUCH stronger than ever before. It is wroking super well on me and very quickly because I was already applying lots of your tips before, but the T supplements and the brain ones are doing miracles. I wanted to thank you for putting all this together for free and tell you that you inspired me to build a similar website with my own tips. If it happens to get some traffic and I can generate some money.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and god bless you, you saved my life (I am dead serious). I am about to start another business beside the one that I almost had to sell (because I couldnt work anymore because of PFS), and I got my long term girl friend back and we are planning on the next, more serious steps. and this is thanks to you.

Take care


Another one from Germany

Today is the day I want to share my big achievement with you. 

I know some of you quite well but you don’t me at all so I would like to write a little introduction about myself. I am 34 years old German dude based in Berlin. I stopped taking Finasterid in 2017 a second time when the trouble began. Today, almost two years afterwards I started crying in my kitchen after realizing one of my biggest triumphs in life. All the pressure and miserable being, all the dedication and work I put in were released and I had goosebumps all over my body. I knew the moment has come to post my recovery story for the men who accompanied me on the worst rollercoaster ride of my life.

You know that shit too well so I only lay out the two main symptoms of my PFS: Depression, erectile dysfunction. Luckily I found cd’s story and this forum quite fast and tried to create an introduction post but it somehow didn’t work out. So I took that as a sign and to be honest I was kind of all over the place so that I couldn’t take the energy to write it again. What followed were obsessive information seeking, getting anxious about all the coming changes in my life, bitter moments in an young adults life. Even without having PFS I would have been in one of the worst periods of my life (splitting up with ex girlfriend, partying too much as a touring DJ, job I didn’t like). I couldn’t stand the whole situation anymore in autumn 2017. At this moment I was maybe to 70 percent on cd’s protocoll but I haven’t felt any improvement. I decided to quit my job, pause my music career to go to Costa Rica. Not sure if that was the best decision in my situation but after having a miserable month there full of depression and being lost I found surfing as one of the foundations of my recovery. What did it do what I missed in my first months of getting on the regimen. It fucking focussed my mind while being in the water – on the next wave and how I was going to chase it. If you have ever surfed you know what I mean. And this is essential stuff here. Surfing kind of got me out of my thinking spirale direction hell of having PFS and all the other negative thoughts. It gave my mind some air to breath. After 4 more months of surfing, being on the protocoll to 90 percent, reconsidering my situation I decided to go back to Germany in march 2018. Until then depression improved, erectile dysfunction didn’t. I was ready to give it all for a full recovery. Being back in Germany I started my juice feast for 14 days and got a membership in a close gym. 98 % protocol from this moment on until today. Depression got better and better. Starting my new job was another milestone and things started to improved faster. This again is essential. Through this job I found my training buddies and started to work out four times a week during lunch break, it gave me a stable social environment and structure, room to develope my professional skills and it kept me superbusy. I had to organize my day to 100% – I started to just function. Coming back late in the evening I just was dead from all the work and sticking to the routine so that I felt asleep in seconds. Until today I am in this mode but getting stronger and more capable of achieving stuff everyday. Depression disapeared completely during my first and only circle of R-Andro in autumn 2018 (another milestone), erectyle dysfunction disapeared end of 2018. Oh god, some of you know that feeling already when you hold your blood full, hard dick in your hands for the first time after this shit happenend. Priceless.

Through this journey I became an even more driven man, I learned to listen to my body and my mind. I realised that my life is my responsibility and only mine. I can achieve everything if I just dedicate myself to the right things. And I am very thankful for that because I know that this is a blessing not everyone has in their life. How couldn’t I see it before… 

Before I come to the details of my regimen I want to thank especially the man who layed out the way in the first place. CDnuts. I’ve learned that sharing knowledge is one of the most fulfilling things. You must be very proud of yourself reading success stories like this. Well earned my man. I can easily write that you gave me hope in my darkest moment and that you are one of the main reasons for my recovery. Thank you so much. I would love to come to the US one day to just shake your hand and have a coffee with you. Great man. 

Cleaning up the mess you’ ve made – Juice feasting
I juice feasted 14 days. I didn’t notice the withdrawal phase because I had a superclean diet for one year already. The biggest impact I notice was the sharpness of my mind after 3 days until the end. Depression lifted to 100 % and I felt like a genius – very focused and smart. Being a lightweight the weight drop was a bit threating for me to be honest but one year later I weight 10 kg more (never weighted more in my life). I had three juice recipe which worked very well. I started to experiment after 10 days because I was not being able to stand them anymore. This was a mistake and it led to gastritis. I recommend you to create a plan for everyday of your juice feast.

Diet was one of the hardest parts of the protocol. I had to learn a lot about foods and how I prepare them to eat clean. Today my routine is based on cooking PALEO meals for the day in morning while eating breakfast. I re-introduced clean grains and I feel well eating them. Sometimes I eat in restaurants with friends but the selection is limited. 
Carb backloading didn’t work so well for me. Eating a lot of carbs in the evening caused bad sleep for me. One of the dealbreakers for sleep was having the last food intake 3 hours before going to sleep.
For me coffee was a bit strange. It made me feel better but when the effect disapeared I felt worse. And it’s not good for my digestion so I cut it from the list. I am only on cold showers nowadays. haha

Daily supplements
As layed out until today.

I started with HIIT bodyweight (freeletics). Now I lift heavy. I don’t split anymore, I do a full body work out three to four times a week to gain weight faster. I feel fucking amazing through exercising. I will lift until I die. 

Testosteron boosting supplements
As layed out until today. One of the dealbreakers was finding a way to order from lost empire herbs being based in Germany. German customs is a bitch – I can tell you that. 

Cold water therapy
Everyday, amazing.

Calming the mind
Every evening half hour of meditation. Wim hof breathing caused me anxiety back in the days. Not sure why. Maybe I’ll give it a shot again.

Optimizing the brain
L-theanin works greats. Didn’t try the rest.

I feel that this is one of the most important areas of my recovery. When I sleep well I am fucking boss, when I sleep bad I am a shadow of myself. I tried everything to improve my sleep. Today I wear Bluelight blocker glasses in the evening . I don’t touch any eletronic device with displays 2 hours before I go to sleep. I eat at least 3 hours before I go to sleep. I meditate for 30 min in the evening to calm my mind. I listen to Holosync if I am not able to feel asleep. Sometimes I wear earplugs when my neighbour is too loud. Supplements didn’t help much.

Pumping for penile health
I have done it and improved my size. 

Sun your boys
Whenever I could in Germany, in Costa Rica this was an easy one.

Sun your body
Read above

I rarely masturbate. When I masturbate I give myself a least 60 minutes to consciously enjoy the ritual. Haha, what a freak I am. Longest time I didn’t masturbate = 21 day. No porn. 

Skin Brushing
Have done it for 1 ½ years. Felt good. Have to reintroduce it. 

What else?
– Sauna helped to relax and sleep well.
– I tried a couple of other supplements but wasn’t consistent with them.
– For sex I used penis rings. If your penis is a grower they work perfectly to get him harder. 
– Back in the days I couldn’t hang out with some of my friends anymore due to my lifestyle changes. This is a hard one. My whole social environment got erupted and I felt very lonely. Be patient. New friends will come. Nowadays I am into meeting new people and building new relationships with people who are as ambitious as me and who live healthy without booze for that reason. And I am able to hang out with my old friends again without problems. Observing them getting high doesn’t do anything to me. 
– Sometimes I couldn’t follow the regimen to 100 % because of situations I didn’t see coming. For me it seems impossible to always be 100 % on the protocoll. I had to learn not to punish myself. Very important for not freaking out.

Left symptoms
I get kind of a strange feeling in my testicles after ejaculation for a couple of hours. Not sure if I had this before PFS already. It’s not bothering me and it’s far from being painful. Besides that I am in the best shape of my life and it’s getting better everyday.

I hope this post gives some of you the courage to continue the journey. You will get through it if you stay consistent. I will check in a week again but forgive me if I don’t answer a lot of questions. I am very busy and every information you need is layed out already more than once. Keep it up. Philipp.

From Ohio

There’s no such thing as “too big.”

At least that’s the prevailing sentiment of most men when it comes to the size of their penis. When it comes to the desire to be well endowed, we can all become a little greedy.

For most men, the prospect of doing anything to influence penis size is nothing more than a pipe dream. The internet is rife with advertisements for herbal remedies so good that the ban hammer will surely fall upon them when “they” find out about it.

But they’re gimmicks at best – products that target the desperate, or like I said, the anatomically greedy.

Through the years, if for nothing other than entertainment value, I would run across stories on the internet that pertained to a penis pump that was supposedly unlike the rest. This device’s claim to fame was that it used water to create the pressure needed to enlarge the goods, and that water was something akin to magic.

In 2012, my cousin’s husband messaged me, gleefully bragging that he had just gotten one of these devices. Dubbed “Bathmate,” this clear plastic pump held the key to permanent gains in length and girth, or so the manufacturer claimed.

I laughed about it, and I made jokes. But, I must admit that there was a certain something inside me that wondered if the claims held water (no pun intended). Every now and then, I would query him about his results.

He described to me his first experience, thinking that he overdid it when his penis appeared “water logged and swollen.

“I thought, ‘oh my god, what the fuck have I done?’” he said.

But his fears were short lived as everything returned to normal within hours.

As his journey continued, he would sing the praises of the bathmate. He urged me to get one, and that when the woman I was seeing noticed things, keep it a secret.

“Just tell her if she asks that you’ve been doing ‘some things’ to make it bigger,” he said.

The laughs I had about that were seemingly endless.

It wasn’t until 2019 that one of my online friends, who later created this website, extolled the virtues of the Bathmate to me. Realizing that now two people who I respected were saying it was legit, I had to know.

And so I ordered one for myself.
There are definitely different classes of Bathmate users. There are those who feel as though they need the extra size, and there are those who are greedy and just want more.
I’m definitely greedy.
I was already nearly 7.5 inches in length, well above the reported average of 5.25 inches, but I was just average in girth. Although I was happy to take any length gains too, it was girth that I sought to gain. 
I hit the Bathmate website to do my final information hunt before purchasing. I plugged in my measurements and determined that I needed the Hydromax 9. This beast is for men who exceed 7 inches but are less than 9. I placed my order through the link on this website.
Once you get it, the question is how to use it. I read up on all the different “routines” out there from experienced users. Some guys use it in conjunction with jelqing exercises, and others may only use the pump.
I tried it in the shower the first few times and failed miserably and getting the hang of the seal. I highly recommend using your unit in a hot bath the first few times. It’s much easier to get a good seal and get the most out of a session. Once you become familiar with what it’s supposed to feel like, then you can do sessions in the shower.
The first week I pumped 5 minute sessions, three times a week. The next week I bumped to 7 minutes. The week after, I did 10 minutes. 
Once I hit the 10 minute mark, I read about the “Girth Blaster” routine. To get the most out of this, you want to use the hottest water you can stand, and pump from fully erect. This should be for the experienced user only, as you can easily overdo it. 
Eventually I worked up to the 20 minute mark, in the bathtub and not the shower. I would do one week pumping from fully erect, and the next week pumping from flaccid. Each protocol brought something different in the way of results. 
Early on, the gains are temporary. You get a nice plumping effect, and then it dissipates in the hours that follow. But you must remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race.
The longer you stick to it, the longer the “gains” stick around. Eventually, yes, they absolutely do become permanent. But you must be patient and consistent. 
I have found that jelqing afterwards is essential. When you’re done, you want to encourage erections. Get yourself hard, jelq and let the erection dissipate. Then rinse and repeat for about 10 to 15 minutes. The post-pump erections keep the effects around.
If you cannot jelq afterwards, at least encourage a few post-pumping erections.
I am happy to report that I easily obtained the much-desired girth gains, and also picked up 3/4 of an inch gain in length that has stayed. I have received much positive feedback to indicate the gains have been noticed.
In a world of hocus pocus and smoke and mirrors, the Bathmate stands above the rest. This product is well worth the investment.  Adam K.-
Somewhere out west
Hey all,

Just wanted to say that I am indeed 100% recovered from PFS and have been so for about eight months now. I was a severe case and it took me about two years of protocol to recover completely.

I could write a longer story but honestly I just want to forget about PFS for a while as it was such a huge part or my life for so long.

Best advice I can give people is to just do the protocol 100% and you’ll be there before you know it. At some point (depending on your symptom severity) your life will become livable and after that it’s smooth sailing.

Thanks everyone, CD especially, and good luck!