Skin Brushing

This technique is one I personally use while in the shower.  You can either do it dry, or wet, but I prefer to use this technigue in leiu of a washcloth and some type of product.  Very simply, you just take a brush, and use it the same way you would use soap and a cloth.  The difference on your skin is striking.

By foregoing product, you aren’t stripping your skin of vital oils and nutrients or poisoning yourself with chemicals.  You’re also exfoliating the outer layer of skin at the same time.  Two for the price of one.

Skin brushing is also a fantastic way to help move lymph fluid around your system speeding up detoxification pathways, of which your skin is one of the largest.

A first, you’re skin is going to be sensitive to what seems like a harsh brush.  But as you progress, you’ll come to be able to use as much force as you can muster while brushing making the results even more apparent.

Not only that, but this saves so much time and hassle.  Jump in the shower, get wet, brush, rinse. done.

The funny thing here is that people spend so much money on skin products to try and keep their skin looking healthy and supple, while what they are using ends up doing the exact opposite.  You don’t need to spend money to have great skin.  It’s free with the new you.

Of course some people are still going to want to use something to wash with. Me personally, I haven’t used soap or shampoos in ten years, and I’m told I have some of softest skin ever felt on a man.  Take it for what it’s worth. I simply brush my skin while showering and I’m done.  My head is shaved, so I don’t need to worry about shampoo.  Although there are natural alternatives to that as well.

Skin brushing will give you the cleanest, healthiest skin you’ve ever had.  Give it a shot.  It’s one of the best kept skin secrets out there, and it’s FREE!

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