Tribulus Terrestris is a low-growing flowering plant with small yellow flowers. Although native to the Old World, it has become naturalized throughout the rest of the world in warm climates, and can thrive in deserts and other poor growing conditions. It grows as an annual in colder climates. It gets its most commonly used name (Puncture Vine)from the caltrop-like seeds, which, when mature, are capable of puncturing feet, hooves, and even bicycle tires. It has many other common names besides puncture vine, including bindii, devil’s thorn, devil’s weed, caltrop,goathead and tackweed. It is extremely resistant to most of the techniques commonly used to control invasive plants, partly because the seeds maintain their viability for many years.

The active ingredients in Tribulus Terrestris include:


Lignin amides




As a dietary supplement, Tribulus Terrestris has been shown in some animal studies to increase levels of testosterone and to increase sex drive and performance.  Historically it has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions, but today it is mainly used by athletes to increase strength and muscle mass, as well as for sexual enhancement in both men and women. A study in Bulgaria in the seventies alleged that it encouraged androgen production and reception. Some attribute the Olympic success of the Bulgarian weight-lifting team to the use of this herb. It continues to be used by those who believe that the active ingredients increase testosterone levels, as well as sexual and athletic performance. It is believed to increase sperm production in men and egg production in women. It also is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Other health benefits of Tribulus:

Used to treat angina

High blood pressure

Used as a diuretic

Used as a liver tonic


Stimulates libido in men and women

Increases strength


Known to increase androgen receptor density in the brain

Promotes deeper, more restorative sleep

Tribulus is a tried and true supplement that has been used successfully for many years in regards to it’s purported benefits.

*I originally recommended the Tribulus by Liftmode, but they have been unable to source the same quality product they had in their original formulation in quite sometime.  As such, you’re going to have to find a brand that works for you.  If you find a good quality product, LET ME KNOW!

This list is quite extensive and by following this herb rotating protocol along with proper diet and exercise routine, you are going to be blown away with how you feel after a few weeks of this.  Now that we have your testosterone nice and high, we have to make sure you don’t sink the whole ship by coming into contact with powerful chemical estrogens, also know as xenoestrogens.  You don’t want to miss this next part…..