Optimizing the Brain

You are your brain.

It is the seat of consciousness, the center of all your thoughts, and the place where your identity as a person resides.

Having a brain that is free of encumbrances such as foggy, slow thinking, fatigue and moodiness is not only necessary for a complete manifestation of your true male self, but it is your BIRTH RIGHT.

So many men go through their days just phoning it in because their head isn’t in the right place. Especially if they’re the average Joe.

You’re going to be feeling pretty damn good if you’ve been doing everything that’s been laid out for you thus far.  That being said, there is ALWAYS room for improvement regardless of how good you’ve been.

In this next section I’m going to share with you my tricks for increasing brain power and clarity of mind.  These add on’s are extra’s….meaning they’re not 100% necessary and not needed on the regular. They’re more of an every once in awhile type thing, such as when you’re in a slight funk or need an extra boost.

My favorite herb for increasing mental power, focus and stamina is easily Bacopa 

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we feel free to do anything.”

-Fight Club.