Suma Root Extract

Suma is a large ground vine that grows mostly in the Amazonian rain forest and is used by locals for everything from boosting sex drive and fertility to use as a general health tonic.  They actually call it “para tudo,” which literally means “for everything.”

Research has shown that Suma supports the endocrine system, improves exercise performance, is adaptogenic, oxygenates cells, improves libido and has anti-cancer properties.

Experiments conducted in Russia showed participants who took the root extract experienced an increase in well being, increased muscle strength and size and less pain during heavier weight lifting sessions.

Suma contains an abnormally large amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, phyto-chemicals, plant sterols and steroidal saponins.

It also contains beta-ecdysterone, which is a phytochemical structually similar to testosterone and is anti-estrogenic!

It contains the following:

19 amino acids

Various electrolytes

Trace minerals





Panthoneic acid

Vitamins B1, B2, A, K1, K2, and E

Steroidal glycosides

Plant sterols

Steroidal saponins



Pfaffic acids (induces nitric oxide sythase and increases nitric oxide levels)

In a double-blind controlled placebo human study where the subjects received various forms of suma it was noted that there were significant increases in their red blood cell count.

This herb is a powerhouse when it comes to giving you the feel goods and it’s no wonder why.  Even if we don’t consider it’s hormone boosting benefits, with all of the nutrients in contains, it’s like natures perfect multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.

Suma Root Extract