Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a substance produced by bees that is fed exclusively to the queen of the colony.  Seeing as she can lay up to 2000 eggs per day, which is equivalent to her own body weight, it goes without saying this is a very powerful substance when it comes to reproductive health.

As a matter of fact, what differentiates worker bees from a newly created queen bee, is it’s diet of 100% royal jelly.  Any bee larvae fed this powerful food will turn into a queen.  This is due to the direct effect of royal jelly on the reproductive organs.  It changes an otherwise infertile worker bee, to a massive egg laying machine!

Royal jelly is a combination of pollen, honey and enzymes created in the hypopharynx of worker bees. To break it down even further, it’s a complex combination of amino acids, 10-hydroxydecenoic acid, lipids, sugars, Vitamins A, B complex (including folic acid and inositol), C, D and E, and also has ample levels of iron and calcium, as well as other minerals.

Royal Jelly also contains acetylcholine, which is needed to transmit nerve impulses from cell to cell. 10-HDA , which is a specialized saturated fatty acid is thought to be its major therapeutic constituent as it has been shown to have anti-tumor activity and is essential to proper health and fucntion of internal organs

Benefits of this amazing compound are:

Increases libido in both male and females

Supports sperm and egg health

Promotes hormonal balance

Enhances testicular function

Modulates estrogen levels

Helps to expel xenoestrogens from the body

Protects the liver

Diminishes the signs of aging

Reduces inflammation

Boosts immunity

Helps regulate adrenal function

This is one of the most powerful natural substances you can take to increase your over-all vitality and energy levels.

The most common dosages are 1-2 grams a day.  Because royal jelly is considered a food, it is one of the supplements that you can take everyday without building up a tolerance to it.  It’s best to take the dose in the morning or EARLY afternoon due to it’s stimulating nature.

 Royal Jelly