Pumping for Penile Health

When your male health isn’t operating at it’s full potential, things change downstairs for the worse.  You may notice that you don’t get as many erections as you used to.  When morning erections stop showing up, you need to take notice.  That’s a clear sign you’re not operating within normal parameters.

Spontaneous erections are the bodies way of keeping everything working down there.  Erections supply all of the tissues of the penis with the life giving blood that’s needed to keep it healthy and at the right size.

If you haven’t been getting normal erections daily, this old adage holds true……

Use it or lose it!

You can lose penis size from not getting regular erections.  Because of the spongy nature of the penile tissue, when regular erections aren’t part of your daily routine, the penis actually starts to shrink.  Now, I don’t know about you, but most guys don’t want to lose any size…..EVER.  As a matter of fact, regardless of how endowed a man is, he is always willing to be bigger.

If you’ve been in a slump concerning erections or erection quality, then you need to start pumping.

I know what you’re thinking…..

Isn’t that for porn stars and perverts?

Isn’t it dangerous?

The answer to both is no.  Pumping for a healthy penis has never been easier and safer since the creation of the bathmate.

Rather then a dry pump, which can be dangerous, the bathmate uses warm water to surround and soften penile tissue making it ready and willing to expand, safely.

By using the bathmate, you gently increase the amount of blood that would naturally enter the penis through a normal erection by several times.  By letting more blood then usual enter the spongy cavities of the penis, you fill it up with a large amount of life giving blood.  Moreso then would be possible with a regular erection.  Every little possible nook and cranny get’s filled to the brim with blood.


If you haven’t been having regular erections or you’ve been having poor quality erections, this is the fix for both!

Regular use of the bathmate (15 minutes, broken down in 5 minute intervals, 3 times a week) will not only increase the size and capacity of your penis, but will VASTLY increase your erection quality and sexual stamina.

Yes, your stamina will be increased as well!  By filling your penis to the utmost, your erections will be rock hard…..harder then you’ve ever felt them before.  Because of this extra rigidity, you won’t be as sensitive in the sack.  This is a very welcomed effect for most men.

The best part is, the results are IMMEDIATE!

You can use this before sex….hours before sex, and still reap the benefits.  After a pumping session the penis remains in this expanded position for several hours after allowing easier and better quality erections right away.

Not only this, but as a side effect of a regular pumping routine, you may gain size increases due to the constant stretching of the erectile tissue, the corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.

Just like exercising a muscle causes the muscle to grow in size and strength, so does exercising the penis.

For you guys that have been having less then stellar erections and very poor erection quality, even if you’re not having sex, this is still something you should be doing for the simple fact that’s it’s healthy for your penis

You gotta keep the blood flowing!  This is the best possible way to do that.  Check it out!


As an addition to this, you’re going to want to time yourself during your pumping sessions to make sure you’ve giving it the correct amount of attention.  This is what I use to do that Shower timer.

Okay….we’ve covered the all important male member.  Now let’s take a look at his two buddies……

Your Boys