Next Level Coaching

Let’s Chat


So we’ve come up with three tiers of interaction that will suit most peoples time, and more importantly, their budget.


Despite everything on this site being free for the taking, there are ultimately guys that are still going to want to have direct interaction.  One of the reasons being the sheer size of the site and the amount of information it includes can be intimidating.  People feel like “they’ll never be able to do all that.”  Believe me, you can, and you will.  You just have to break it down into “bite sized” pieces.   Let us help you.

Some people just learn different from others, and that’s okay.  For those guys that need a little extra encouragement, we have decided to offer an email chat subscription.

For $27.75/mo, you get DAILY email correspondence (half an hour a day, 24/7)  Emails will be time stamped and answered in the order they’re received.  All messages will be responded to within no more then a 24 hour time period.


Live Chat


For those guys that are a little more on the impatient side (such as myself) we are offering a live chat version for $47.00 for 40 minutes.  This is first come first served depending on availability.  Chats will be done through our Facebook page


Pick up the Phone


This is the last option we offer.  Even though there are plenty of other ways to have direct contact with me, sometimes, just sometimes, guys still want to talk it out.  Seeing as my time is extremely limited these days, the price of a phone consult is $100/half hour or, $60/15 minutes.


Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you need to OPTIMIZE yourself is on this site FOR FREE.  Technically you shouldn’t have to speak to anyone at all!  There are plenty of guys that come here, get the info they need and a year later send me the most glowing testimonials.  But, it’s always good to have options.  Now you do!


If you’re interested in any of the following options, simply subscribe HERE and send us an email.  Instructions will immediately follow!