Daily supplements

I’m not big on taking your average run of the mill multi-vitamins.  Not only have they been proven to just make expensive urine, but they actually contribute very little in the over all scheme of things.  Some of them actually tax your system to eliminate from the body.  This is the opposite of what they should be doing, which is aiding your health, not making it tougher to get.

When it comes to your Flintstones vitamins, you’re basically just eating rocks.

The way those vitamins are formulated are done by taking elemental vitamins and minerals, mostly in industrial chemical form, and jamming them into a couple pills.

When taking vitamins or other supplements, you want to make sure the goods are in bio-available form.  That is a form which your body can use, right away, as soon as ingested.  Seeing as plants are the only living things that can turn rocks into material that we humans can use, it only makes sense to make sure your vitamins are plant based, or, are plants themselves.

It’s always best to get nutrients as straight from the source as you can.  That guarantees they’re fresh and it guarantees that they are bio-available. That being said, you want to get MOST of your nutrients from the foods you eat.  That’s why pills are called supplements….because they are meant to SUPPLEMENT your existing intake and add things that you may not be getting from food alone. Here are just a very few of the things I take on a daily basis to make sure I’m getting everything I should be.

I usually take, every other day…..Chlorella