Sun Your Body

The sun has been demonized in the media as of late.  They tell you to limit your exposure.  They tell you to slather toxic sunscreen all over your skin.  They tell you it’s the reason for certain cancers.

ALL of this is nothing but bad information.

As previously mentioned, the sun is the giver of life on this planet.  Without it, NOTHING would be alive here.

The information spouted by the media directly contradicts this, doesn’t it?  If all life wouldn’t be possible without the sun, does it sound wise to hide from it?  Does it make sense to put poison all over your body to avoid it’s life giving rays?

No….absolutely not.

We NEED sun exposure.  We need to feel it’s rays.  We need it’s light to hit our skin.  Lack of sun exposure is linked to depression, weak bones and teeth and low hormone levels to name a few things.

Our skin is loaded with enzymes that create vitamin D when exposed to the sun.  We’ve already gone over this in the Vitamin D section, so there is no need to repeat ALL of the possible benefits to getting your fill.

In this section though we’re going to talk about the safest way to get our sun exposure so that we don’t need to use toxic commercial sunscreens, or sun avoidance to prevent sunburn.

Aside from being filled with toxic chemicals, another reason, if you need another reason, to avoid sunscreen is that it is also filled with testosterone killing xenoestrogens.  I’m sure you’ll agree they are worse then a case of sunburn.

The trick to avoiding sunburn in the first place is with regimented exposure to the sun, starting in the spring time when the weather first starts getting nice.

I usually start around April here in New Jersey.

What you’re going to do is simply get outside on a nice enough day, shirtless and in shorts if possible, and GET SUN!  Lay out.  I use the time to meditate, do my breathing exercises or get in some mobility work.  Kill two birds with one stone.

Because the sun is still low enough in the sky, you can stay out for quite awhile without having to worry about over doing it.  I usually do this every other day or three, weather permitting, UNTIL FALL.

You’ll notice that by the end of the month, or sometimes, even after a few weeks, you’ll have a nice clean base tan.  No burning, no peeling, no pain.

By slowly increasing your exposure time and building a solid foundation of tanned skin, as the weeks go on, and the sun gets higher in the sky approaching summer, you’re going to build a deeper and deeper base tan.

This is much different than the tan you get by getting blasted all at once in the summer, your first time at the beach or pool.  This is a tan that has been SLOWLY BUILT, consistently over the course of weeks and months by working WITH the sun as it makes it’s way up to it’s peak.  It’s a DEEP tan that you’ll keep, all summer.  No burning, no peeling.

This is how our ancestors avoided for the most part getting sun burned.  They were obviously always outside as the seasons changed so they got this increasing exposure naturally.  Modern living has taken this away from us.  This is how we get it back.

You should ALWAYS have darker skin in the summer then you do in the winter.  This is natures version of sunscreen. This is how you know you’re getting the right amount of sun exposure and all of the health benefits that come with it.

The best part of all of this is during the summer when the sun is at it’s peak, we can enjoy ourselves fully without having to resort to sunscreens or hiding from the suns rays.

I also like to use an all natural product called Solar Recover that I spray on after my showers.  This product is an all natural skin moisturizer that helps increase the moisture in your skin extending the deepness and life of your tan.  This stuff is so non-toxic and gentle you can spray directly into your eyes and mouth.  Try that with a commercial skin care product.

Between your regimented sun exposure, skin brushing to exfoliate and remove any dead skin, cold showers and healthy diet, not only is your skin going to look better than it ever has, it’s actually going to be healthier then it ever has.

Nothing shows your health better then clean, tan, fresh skin that radiates an aura of healthfulness.  With the added vitamin D and extra boost of testosterone from all of that sun exposure, you’re going to be glowing with vigor from the inside out.  You’re not only going to be feeling fantastic, you’re going to be looking fantastic as well.

I guarantee you will get comments from people in regards to how good you look.  That is always welcomed and will add a nice boost to your self confidence.  Not that you need validation from any outside sources.  It still always feels good to be complimented on your hard work!

The next part of this site deals with a touchy subject….literally.  Or, I should say, it deals with the subject of you…. touching yourself.  Time to talk about masturbation.