This is one of the most hotly contested subjects on the planet.  Everybody is an expert at what to eat…or…at least they think they are.  Most people make it WAY more complicated than it has to be.

Proper application of the correct diet is an essential part of this program.  A cornerstone, so to speak.  The proper diet creates a strong foundation upon which everything else is build.  It is the one thing that when done properly will yield you the MOST results.

The undeniable fact is that for most people this is the hardest thing to change.  Whether you eat “good” or “bad” it is something that you reinforce by doing it 2-6 times daily since you were born.  So if you haven’t been making the best choices for a good majority of your life, those choices none the less have been “set,” making them difficult and uncomfortable to easily change.

The upside to this is that good choices can be reinforced as well and once you start making the right choices consistently, these choices become more and more automatic.

The problem is most people eat for entertainment.  Taste is important, but you should be eating foods that make you feel good when your finished with them……not guilty or disgusted.

Food is fuel.  It should nourish your body and mind, not tax it.  One of the best ways to make sure you’re eating correctly is to eat the way our ancestors did.  So basically if it comes in a package, box or plastic wrap, it’s out.  Your food should be fresh and perishable.  Not something that can last on the shelf for years.

The best way to mimic the diet our ancestors ate, is to eat……

The Paleo/Primal Diet