Sun Your Boys

This is probably going to sound strange to most of you, but I guarantee this one little trick will give you an extra kick in the hormone department.

We all know sun exposure is good for us.  The sun is the giver of life on this planet and being deprived of it’s rays causes all kinds of unwanted problems from low hormone levels to depression.  The vitamin D obtained from natural sun exposure is extremely important for your health.

When we expose our bare skin to the sun, copious amounts of vitamin D are generated through enzymes in the skin.  This extra vitamin D causes an immediate increase in testosterone levels and other feel good neurotransmitters.

Have you ever noticed how a day in the sun leaves you feeling extremely relaxed…..and horny?  This is directly due to the increase in hormones.

Now, to take this up another level, you’re going to want to find some place private.  Once there, simply pull out your sack covering your penis as to not obtain a sun burn, and let the rays hit your scrotum.

You’re going to notice something happening.  Your scrotum is going to start to move!  This is how you know the exposure is doing what it’s supposed to do.

The scrotum is LOADED with enzymes which react to the sun.  This is going to give you an immediate boost in testosterone levels.  Start out slow…..five minutes or less.

If you can manage this every other day or so, you’re going to benefit from the increased exposure. Afterwords you should be able to feel the extra kick.  When added to everything else you’re doing to increase your endogenous levels, this little trick will give you a nice boost.

Just be careful not to over do it!

Just as it’s important to get some exposure on your boys, it’s even more important to get it on the rest of you!  You need to also sun your body.