Quick Start Guide

The Regimen 

First things first:  7-21 day juice feast.  Time to get clean. You have to go for at LEAST a week!

Once complete start your daily actions which are as follows:

Upon waking do your breathing exercises

Jump in the shower and hit the cold water.

Brush your skin while showering.

Take your herbs and wash it down with some tea or high quality coffee.

Eat breakfast if your hungry…as much as you want from this list

Exercise  This is when I do it, you can do it anytime that fits in your schedule…just make sure you do it!

One hour after exercise consume your protein shake and other post workout nutrition or meal.

Right before you eat lunch, take your daily supplements.

Lunch, as much as you want

Snack (Nuts, fruit, cheese, etc)

Take your second dose of herbs mid afteroon.

Dinner (If backloading, start now)

While showering, get a 20 minute pumping session in (3-4 times a week)

Snack (Or if backloading, backload)

If taking sleep supplements, take them 45 minutes before bed

Breathing exercises

At any point during the day if the weather permits try to get a half hours worth of sun exposure .  Use five minutes of that time to sun your boys

During your time in the sun, use the time productively by doing some mobility work.