Iodine is an essential mineral required by every cell in the body.

Unfortunately because of our convenience lifestyles, most of us become deficient in this important mineral.

The reasons for this are due to constant contact with chemicals such as Chlorine, bromide and fluoride, collectively known as halogens.  Chlorine and fluoride our found in great extent in our water supply and bromine is found in products containing bleached wheat flour such as breads and snacks.

These halogens, when given the chance, will occupy the same receptor space as iodine.  One of the biggest users of iodine in the body is the thyroid gland.  When Iodine is low and replaced by one of the other three halogens, all kinds of havoc is wreaked on the body.  Especially the endocrine system.

Here’s where things get screwy….

When Iodine is low, your thyroid cannot produce the correct amount of thyroid hormones.  This condition is known as hypothyroidism.  When thyroid hormones are low, SO ARE TESTOSTERONE LEVELS!

This is obviously a problem.

Thankfully here the fix is an easy one.

Simply by supplementing with a very small amount of Iodine every few days (a few drops!)  You can push these halogens out of your thyroid and replace them with the iodine that needs to be there.

This will have a direct and immediate impact on your testosterone levels.

So….to recap.

Iodine increases thyroid output which helps to alleviate hypothyroidism which ultimately increases testosterone levels.

This is a great one to add to your arsenal and you only have to use it one or twice a week!

Nascent Iodine