L-Theanine is a naturally occurring nutrient found in tea, and is used as an ingredient in dietary supplement products.

Studies suggest that theanine may help reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition and boost mood. L-Theanine is unique in supporting a calm mood while at the same time enhancing a sense of clarity and focus.

One of my favorite ways to take theanine is to stack it with caffeine.  I find a ratio of 4:1 to be the one that works best.  That being 400mg of theanine with 100 mg of caffeine.  This combination gives you the best of both supplements with canceling out each others negative.

When stacked this way, you get the calm, relaxed focus of the theanine coupled with the mental boost of the caffeine.  It results in a very clean, lifted, crystal clear focus backed by motivation.  The theanine cancel out any jitters from the caffeine and the caffeine cancel out any drowsy effects you may get from the theanine.

One of the best combos out there for a feel good mental boost.  I recommend some of the best quality theanine produced by this company…..


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