Cleaning Up The Mess You Made

Whether you’ve been abusing drugs, over drinking, eating like a slob, or just being plain lazy, you’re going to have to do some internal “house cleaning” before successfully starting any type of physical or mental reboot.

When we’re living less then optimally, we ultimately accumulate cellular waste, which can be anything from the preservatives in those Big Macs you’re scarfing down to the chemicals in your energy drinks.  These things, along with normal metabolic waste, can get stored in your system and bog the whole thing down. This leads to sluggish digestion, which leads to sluggish waste elimination.  When these things slow down… do you.

You need to take out the trash, figuratively and literally.

One of the things I had noticed as a common theme among those who were sick, suffering, damaged and trying to recover, was the idea of cleansing, or detoxing your system….completely.

It didn’t matter if people had cancer, MS, type two diabetes, or even something as simple as being overweight with high blood pressure.  One major factor in so many of the recoveries I had researched was the practice of internal house cleaning.

Basically, get rid of the garbage inside of you and allow your body to tap into its natural healing abilities.  Over our lifetimes we accumulate waste inside our bodies;  Metabolic waste, chemicals from the environment, personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and body washes, Processed chemicals in our foods we consume everyday, etc.  And, most importantly, pharmaceuticals.  NONE of these things were ever meant to be inside of our systems and they ALL hamper our body’s ability to regulate itself.

These unnatural ingredients strip us of the vitamins and minerals necessary for so many important bodily functions.  They slow down our ability to discharge cellular waste.  They effect brain function, hormonal function, organ function and the function of everything down to the smallest internal systems of all, our cells.

In order for any attempt at healing to work to the utmost fullest, our bodies need to be running clean.  We have to be biologically at the top of our game, so to speak. This all made perfect sense to me, and after reading about the vast numbers of people overcoming seemingly life-ending diseases, it was all I needed to make up my mind.

I’ve done several different types of cleanses….

There were two methods that gave the best results, time and time again, over a myriad of different and un-related health challenges.

Fasting and Juice Feasting

These two methods offer very similar results, although the timeline and execution of each of them, are very, very different.

Before starting construction on the brand new you, you want to make sure you build on a solid foundation.  A cleanse is the perfect way to do this.  Some guys will just skip this part because it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do…..but nothing worth having is ever easy.  This is simply an exercise of mind over matter.

You’ll be amazed at how you feel once your finished.  Alive…fresh…rested…ready to tackle the world.  The cleanse that is recommended for MOST people is….

Juice Feasting