Spirulina is the cousin of Chlorella and it is a blue green algae that is PACKED with nutrition.

Loaded with Micronutrients

Spirulina is a complete protein, the dried powder being 60% protein, with over 90% assimilation by the human body, far more than most foods. It features all of the essential amino acids, plus 9 more of the non-essential ones.

The following values are per 100g of dried spirulina. The percentages are based on the RDI.

I alternate the days that I take these so that I get all the nutrition that the both provide equally.  They are essentially my multi-vitamins.  Between the two of them your chlorophyll intake will be increased and your stores of bio-available vitamins, minerals and phyto-chemicals will be topped off.

Get Spirulina

Aside from these two power houses, the other supplement I take on a daily basis is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D